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PhD thesis writing guide: your conclusion should shine

A PhD thesis usually is quite lengthy and has many portions. It is important for the student to deal with each chapter individually if he wants to write a good thesis. It is not like writing an essay or some other academic writings you might have done in the past. It is a very critical piece of writing that demands extensive research to be carried out. It is also important for the writer to be able to think critically and interpret results from the data he collects through research.

Writing a good conclusion

It is very important for the thesis to have a strong conclusion. To be able to write a good conclusion a student must first understand its purpose and importance.

The purpose of the conclusion

A conclusion aims at showing how well the student has succeeded in addressing the problem or providing an answer to the research question. It may also be the opposite case where a student fails to answer the problem even after research.

The placement of the conclusion

In a thesis a conclusion is considered the last part but there are the discussion section and bibliography etc. that may follow. The ideal place for a thesis is just before the discussion section and references.

A good conclusion

Conclusion is very important of the thesis. It is where you summarize all your research work. It gives a history of the project and throws light on the research work and findings you have collected so far. It is very important for the conclusion to be clear and concise. It must be comprehensive and should not leave any margin for doubt. The reader must be on a clear note when you leave him.

A good conclusion also shows the areas of the research that can be used for future studies and interprets the findings in an objective way. Students must understand that this part of the thesis should be brief and must not have any repetition.

Final word

A conclusion is a very important part of the thesis. It is more important than the introduction as this is where you have to win over your reader and convince him. If you fail to write a good conclusion then the whole thesis assignment will be wasted. You may pose a question here or give your reader some food for thought. This will mean your thesis has left an impression.