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Writing PhD Theses: 10 Things To Know

Most people do not know how exactly to write a doctorate thesis paper. There are ten simple pointers that can lead you to writing the best doctorate thesis paper. It is advisable that the writer starts by setting a deadline of when he would like to finish the paper. It is important for the sake of planning and arrangement. Writing a thesis is not easy and it is tempting to postpone the writing until eventually it never gets done. Proper prior planning is essential in order to see the success of the project.


The introduction is a very essential part of the thesis. It introduces the reader into the thesis and one can tell in brief what the thesis will be about. A very good thesis statement is vital to ensure that the reader gets a very clear insight on what is entailed in the paper.


Most people forget to make a statement that is clear enough and it has cost them dearly. The area of study should be unique and not similar to any other study. The abstract should give a clear summary in about three lines.

Problem identification

A problem has to be identified in the thesis. A clear explanation on how the problem has come up is needed. For instance the reader needs to know of the good side first then the problem gets introduced. The problem is usually what the thesis is out to study and solve. At this stage, the writer is supposed to be only identifying the problem.

Literature on the problem

The writer should identify what other writers have said about the problem. This is to avoid repetition and also in order to be able to use the literature as reference. A wide knowledge of the problem even from other writers gives a wider perspective of the problem.

Point of view

The writer has to see the work in many dimensions. The writer has to take the point of view of the one who will assess the paper and write accordingly.

Strategy to tackle problem

Solutions to the problem have to be arrived at through different strategies. The various strategies should be put down in detail and the approaches explained. This is just but a part of problem solving.

Implementation of strategy

Clear approaches that state how the strategies will be implemented should be stated. The means should be viable and must have passed feasibility tests.


After all has been said and done, the results have to made known to the reader. If the strategy was successful or not and why.


A good conclusion can put the work on a whole new level. The writer can show what has been discussed and what is missing in the research so that the examiner knows that the omission was not out of ignorance.


In the work, there will be lots of references and citations of people who have studied the same field or problem. Everything that is not of your own thought should be properly cited.