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10 Catchy Ideas For Dissertation Topics In Business

Before you can come up with dissertation topics in business, you have to study the current market and see where the central catch-concepts in business are. Two current themes are in the definite mainstream of business and have been for about four years: leadership and diversity studies. Social media and other forms of internet marketing have literarily transformed businesses.

Studies of how we fill these positions—social media marketing managers to social media CEOs are especially interesting. Studies of how we strategize the workplace given these new social media marketing tools of any kind would be worthwhile now that they have all been around long enough for viable research to have been conducted that evaluates how much social media has transformed business.

Diversity Studies

As organizations have become more culturally fair the study of how to ease and improve the position of the minority culture in the majority culture. Since global business has blown off the map since the explosion of the internet around 15 years ago, our abilities to communicate across the globe with other companies has been so enhanced – especially via tools such as Skype has literally been improved off the map.


Leadership studies too have now been around long enough for there to be viable research from respected presses on how leadership studies impact organizations.

Social Media

Social Media, too, has transformed marketing and the workplace for nearly a decade now. Studies of how social media has improved the workplace or has helped businesses to market themselves in the 21st century can be very interesting and one could break the dissertation up into how specific types of social media are transforming business from Facebook to Twitter.

Here are some ideas for dissertations in business for the 21st century.

  1. Skype and global communication in the 21st Century
  2. Leadership studies: A Look Back at Our 21st Century Workplace and the Way it has Evolved
  3. Diversity in the Workplace: A Growing Concern
  4. Improving Leadership in Human Resources for the 21st Century
  5. Emergent Theories in Leadership Studies
  6. How Firms’ leadership strategy Affects Corporate expansion
  7. Corporate Practices and Going Green: Is Going Green Profitable and Salvaging to the Environment
  8. Social Media and Business Marketing for the 21st Century
  9. Social Media: How Important is it for the 21st Century Workplace
  10. Social Media: An Assessment of Social Media for the Past Decade