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How To Create A Dissertation Proposal Methods Section In Psychology

The point of a methods part of your psychology paper is to provide the details that you used in a research study or experiment. It is important that you make this part as detailed as you can. You want to give all the information needed to repeat the project exactly how it was completed the first time it is done. Here are some key points that need to be included:

  1. Who participated in the study. You need to be clear exactly who they were, how many people that joined you, and what the requirements were for them to be chosen.
  2. What you used to perform the study. Include all materials including equipment, stimuli, measurements, and any other item that you used. Do not forget to include books or technological equipment, like DVD players or televisions.
  3. How you designed the experiment. For example is it a group experiment, how many people are in each group, or did you divide the group into subgroups.
  4. How you proceeded. You need to be extremely detailed in this part. Explain exactly what you did, how you collected the data, and the exact order that you did the experiment. Remember the goal is to have recorded steps so that you or someone else can copy the experiment exactly.

You will want to make sure that your method section is always written in past tense. Do not include any information that is not relevant to the project, this will only add confusion and uncertainty later. It is important for a good grade that you use APA format as established by the American Psychological Association. Make sure that you are familiar with it, keep a copy of it where you can look at it if needed. Proofread your paper several times. Check your grammar and spelling through an online website to make sure that you are not missing any typos.

If you take your time and follow these guidelines, you can be confident that you will get a good grade. As with any report or paper, following a step by step process can give you better results than just trying to make it up as you go. Talk to the writing lab at your school, sometimes you can take your rough draft to them and they will help you to proofread and revise your paper. Taking advantage of available resources will help you create a professional quality paper.