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What to Know About PhD Thesis Writing Process

Who Writes a Thesis?

A thesis is a written document that gives a detailed description of any research conducted. Theses are typically written by students pursuing advanced degrees like master's and doctoral degrees. These works deal with research subjects at very advanced levels and are generally too complex to be understood by laymen.

Typically, a PhD. or Master's student will have a preference toward research in a particular area. This research is carried out under the guidance of a senior professor who has prior experience in helping students through their advanced degrees. A large amount of research is conducted over a considerable period of time and the entire process is detailed in the thesis with the results and conclusions of all the experimental work conducted.

Significance of Research & Structure of the Thesis

In order to have a successful thesis, it is very important to conduct research in a suitably significant area. Research can be conducted in virtually any field imaginable. It is important to choose the research field wisely so that the research conducted has the maximum beneficial impact on science and technology. While a student may not know enough about recent developments and advancements in a field to choose a research topic, the advising committee is sure to have a number of helpful suggestions to help the student along.

In addition to having a significant research topic, the thesis must also follow a rigid structure that is typically outlined by the advising committee. This structure typically includes an abstract section, a literature review section, a problem description section and a conclusions section that details the results of the experimental research and the scope for future work that may be possible in the field.

After the Thesis

Once a sufficient amount of research and experimentation has been completed and the results of the research project have been achieved, all the data is compiled into the thesis as per the formatting instructions given by the advising committee.

The next stage is the thesis defense. This is something that must be planned for well at the beginning of the entire process. The entire thesis must be crafted in a way to ensure easy thesis defense. Thesis defense is a procedure that entails cross examination of the thesis by a board of professors and peers who verify the accuracy and significance of all the information in the thesis and the research conducted by the student. Different universities and countries have different methods that are employed in thesis defense.