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Finding Dissertation Abstracts Samples On The Web

Plenty of guidance can be found on how to pick the perfect dissertation title, how to assemble your dissertation, do research, and put a literary review together. You can even locate a way to make sure you end on a strong note with a great conclusion. But there is not much to be found online or in dissertation text books about how to best tackle the very important abstract.

When looking to complete an abstract, it is very important to have samples to base it off of, and one web search will find you plenty of abstract samples to use for your dissertation. Samples are very important way to make sure you are headed in the right direction. And they can also give you valuable ideas on how to get started with your writing.

Where can I find sample abstracts?

Let’s first start with what exactly an abstract is. Generally speaking, an abstract in a short outline of the research you have finalized and that you are presenting through the dissertation you wrote. Basically, it’s a very precise summary of what you have written. You can find sample abstracts with a quick search from your favorite search engine, or on a writing website that will have sample essays, term papers, and abstracts.

Some professors have very strict guidelines on what to include in your abstract. So it’s best to check with them to ensure that the information you include is what is required. Usually your professor will have the same guidelines on what to include, and they will be the same for every abstract that you write.

What does an abstract include?

An abstract will most likely include some or all of the following:

  • Details about the main subject of your dissertation and why they are being investigated
  • Information about the methods you used to conduct your research during the dissertation process
  • An outline of the results you discovered
  • The outcome of your investigation and what it proved or failed to prove
  • How did the implications of the results you found relate to your subject?
  • Any recommendations you have about the outcome of your dissertation.

You should be able to find some samples that contain many of these same points online. An abstract is often the first thing that will be read, and it helps the reader get a better sense of you, and it lets them know if they want to continue reading your dissertation or not.