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Writing Out Of Order - A Good Idea For Your Graduate Thesis?

By time you get around to writing your graduate thesis you may be bored with the "same ol" writing structure. It is very likely that you don't want to compose another boring essay written in the five-point format, that won't be very interesting to read. However, even if you were tempted to "write out of order" and try something new, most experts in the field of academic writing wouldn't recommend it. This is because many instructors grade on formatting as well as content. When it comes to your final graduate thesis, which is worth a lot more than just a grade percentage, you don't want to start experimenting with the thesis writing structure. Even if you think that you have it mastered, it is probably better to stick to what you know then start playing with different formatting orders. If you were to write your graduate thesis differently, you may be flunked because the evaluator may assume that you don't know what your doing. That is pretty big risk to take on such an important assignment.

If you are looking for a strategy to set your graduate thesis apart and make it more interesting to read, consider incorporating some different elements or choosing an unexpected topic to explore. Whatever you do, don't stray to far from the good old fashion thesis format because it is important that your essay has structure. Writing- out of order can also make the entire writing process more complicated and we don't want to over exert ourselves on an already tedious project. Even great creative writers follow the academic thesis model when writing formally. News articles, journals and scientific research all write in this format because it is proven to be the most cohesive. If your still not convinced that you want to write your paper this way consider these important points.

- Will a different format make your paper more interesting?

- Will writing out of order make your thesis easier to read?

- Is it a good idea to write your thesis out of order?

- Will writing your thesis in this fashion get you a better grade?

- Do other scholars recommend writing out of order?

- In the grand scheme of things is the risk worth the final outcome?

If you responded "no" to any of those questions, it should be clear to you to stick to the same old thesis structure just one more time. After all, it is your graduate thesis, and once you hand it in you may never have to write another boring thesis paper again.