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A List of Unique Finance Dissertation Ideas to Try Out

It can be said that finance industry is one of the oldest in the world. People have dealt with payments management ever since the first interactions between tribes started. However, human society constantly changes, and so does its way of dealing with money. Because of that, there are always interesting processes to observe and obstacles to overcome in the finance industry. So, you will have a lot of data for your dissertation research and a variety of topics to choose from.

However, it is often quite challenging to take your pick on the direction you want to take your paper in. If you are struggling with that right now, remember several important things about finance dissertation topics. First of all, you have to like what you are going to write about. You will likely spend a lot of time, researching a certain aspect or an issue, so make sure it’s not something boring. Then, ask your tutor to comment on your ideas, since he or she was in this sphere for a longer time. His or her approval can easily set you on the right track. Finally, pick a topic that has enough data on itself. Your thesis has defined volume requirements, and they are definitely more than a couple dozens of pages. Consider a topic narrow enough to make your research stand out, but not too specific to not have any information to gather on it.

If you are still unsure of what exactly are you into or simply need some perspective, here is a list of unique ideas for your finance dissertation.

  1. A comparative study on financial novelties in Europe and U.S.
  2. Do facts prove that the public and private sectors cooperation is vital for the U.S. economy?
  3. A study on micro-financing in the U.S. banking industry: major issues and ways to overcome them.
  4. Natural disasters and budget planning for them: a research on the states that are often exposed to hurricanes.
  5. Is access to credit for poor citizens important to the development of the third-world country economy?
  6. A study on financial security in the developing Asian countries.
  7. U.S. corporations’ budget management experience from the 2008 financial crisis.
  8. A comparative analysis of the structure development in the U.S. and Asia banking sectors.
  9. How can banking investments in emerging markets be developed and fulfilled?
  10. A study of the U.S. oil and gas industry from the perspective of integrating options theory into capital budgeting.