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How To Obtain a PhD Degree With no Dissertation Written

Earning a Ph.D. or even a doctorate is never easy. It is a strong career move that is capable of opening doors to many fulfilling, rewarding and exciting positions. Unfortunately, it is hard, almost impossible to earn a Ph.D. degree without writing a dissertation. Note that the phrases 'almost impossible' and 'entirely impossible' are different phrases. This means that you can earn your Ph.D without writing a dissertation. So, just how do you go about it?

Go online

It is hard to come by online Universities that will not ask for a GRE or dissertation. Your best bet would be to come up with a list of specific areas you wish to major in then find out if there are universities that may allow you to pursue them without writing a dissertation. Such areas may include:

  • PhD in Nurse Practice
  • PhD in International Education
  • PhD in Counselor Education
  • PhD in Health Practice
  • PhD in Marriage and Family therapy etc
  • PhD in Psychology and related studies

Note that the above mentioned programs differ from on institution to another. It is therefore highly recommended that you make some inquiries before applying. Be sure to ask about the mode of study, duration of the entire program and fees structure.

Keep Your Ph.D Pursuit in Perspective

Do this in a professional sense. Keep in mind that the whole idea of earning a Ph.D. is to make you worthy of researching and creating new knowledge. That is in fact where independent, rigorous research comes into the picture. You may escape all these just by proving to your supervisor what you are capable of. The steps of your Ph.D - the course work as well as the exams should prove to your professor beyond doubt that you have mastered your field.

Be An Authority In a Field

This is hard but then again it is one of the best ways to avoid writing a dissertation. Make it clear to your lecturer right from the word go that you are not just an expert but also well versed in a specific area of your coursework. If possible, furnish him or her with your published books, journals, articles and essays. This will create an impression that you are knowledgeable and as aforementioned, an expert in a field. You will then have an easy time in the job field with your name already in leading publications.