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Every college student will at various stages in their academic career be asked to write essays, papers and dissertations. It is not the writing of the paper which is the issue of this article but rather the style or format in which it is written. Many colleges require students to write their papers using the MLA format.

One of the reasons why many students get a low grade and even a fail with their papers is that they do not follow the rules. Now the MLA format rules are many and varied but they are not impossible. A little time and effort from any student will help them master the situation.

Help is at hand

There are many online sources of assistance from experts to help you with creating your paper using the MLA format. This help is freely given so often that you can get expert advice without charge.

One of the major features of the MLA format is the way in which you cite references. This is a major component of academic writing and you only have to look at any one of the thousands of academic theses, textbooks or articles in magazines to see that many sources or references are quoted in the writing. But there is a way of notating these references.

It's okay to copy

Now we are not talking about plagiarism here but simply copying the format, the system which the MLA format requires. Note that there are different ways of citing a reference depending on where you have found it. You could find a reference in a book, a magazine, periodical or even from an article on a website. If you take a quotation and place it in your paper, there is a rule regarding the order depending on the source. You need to list such things as the author, the title of the document be it a book or magazine, etc., the publisher and the date of publication. But the order in which this information is listed is determined by the type of document which is your source material.

So go to a website or even an academic book and copy the way in which the reference is cited. Copying is cool in this situation. And the great thing for all college students writing a paper using the MLA format is that there are abundant sources which clearly show how to get the format right.