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PhD dissertation writing: managing your topic

The topic for your dissertation is one of the most important parts. Without a solid topic chosen from the very beginning, you can run into all sorts of trouble during the writing process. Dissertations are hard enough as it is; don’t make yourself go through unnecessary stress by being indecisive or procrastinating what you need to do. So many students go through frustration and being overwhelmed, but you don’t have to be one of those. Keep reading to find out tips on choosing a dissertation topic, refining and researching it, and involving other people for second opinions.

Choosing a Dissertation Topic

Obviously, you do have somewhat of a starting place, because your topic must be related to your field. If you’re majoring in chemistry, you wouldn’t make your dissertation about economics, would you? That being said, there are still so many directions you can go and so many topics that have already been done to death in your field. It can help for you to read other dissertations that have been done in the past to get an idea of what’s expected and how you feel about the topics other students have chosen.

Here are a few more ideas for topic choosing:

  • Take a trip to the library
  • Your university’s library and/or the public one. Look at the books related to your field. Is there anything there that really grabs your attention? Anything you haven’t heard of before? Do some research and see if anything ignites a passion for learning more.

  • Talk to professionals.
  • Find some people already working in the field of your dreams and ask them about their own dissertations as well as what niche in this field they love and what they do at their job. Get a feel for someone who already is at where you want to be.

  • Brainstorm with your advisor.
  • They are there to help you – use that opportunity! They have already finished their own dissertation, and are dedicated to making yours a success. If you’re struggling with the choice of a topic, don’t handle the frustration on your own. There’s no reason not to ask for help.

  • Get support from your family and friends.
  • This is a big one. If you live with roommates or a partner or your parents, make sure the people you see the most everyday support you and will encourage your hard work and dedication.