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11 Good English Research Paper Topics for College

When it comes to writing an English topic in a research paper, there is a vast choice. For English you can substitute literary. As there are so many works of literature both ancient and modern and in-between, you will not be short of titles. Of course finding one which suits everyone is the key.

By everyone I mean you the student, your teacher or professor and the world at large who may get to read your masterpiece. The one over-riding question with your research paper is, ‘Does it offer us anything new?’ Have you discovered a new angle or idea in the study of a particular work?

Let’s consider some possible English research paper topics.

  1. Select a character and examine their place in history.
  2. How have different authors tackled the same theme in their novels?
  3. How has imagery been used in a series of novels or poems?
  4. Study a series of books by the same author and chart the development of themes or characters.
  5. How would philosophers regard certain literary characters?
  6. What is the influence of politics on certain writers?
  7. Where has plagiarism been discovered in works of fiction?
  8. Which famous writers found it extremely difficult to initially find a publisher?
  9. Where have famous characters been developed in works by other writers?
  10. Has the development of the Internet affected the growth of conventionally-published material?
  11. Has racism been helped or hindered by literature?

Because a research paper is not as long as a dissertation, generally speaking, it is important that you focus on a specific aspect of your literary review. By making your topic and title too broad, you give yourself little chance to delve deeply into the topic. If you have a broad topic, change the focus to one single aspect of that topic and boost your chances of writing a quality research paper.

You will find writing your research paper to be much easier if you have a passion for the writer and/or their work. Writing facts because they exist is not a winning research paper. By choosing a writer - novelist or poet - whose work you love or admire, you give yourself the edge of creating something special.

Remember above all else that good writing habits and proven methods will always stand you in good stead. A great topic is always great but it must be discussed using tried and tested writing methods.