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Writing Out of Order-A Good Idea For Your Graduate Thesis?

Most of the time we don't ever recommend that students who want to get a good grade write out of order. After all the formatting and outlining process exist for a reason and if you choose to navigate away from them, you risk getting a lower evaluation because it may appear as if you are unfamiliar with traditional thesis structures. It is a really grey area, whether or not the evaluating facility will appreciate your "creative design" for your graduate thesis. If you write out of order you just might stumble on to something amazing compositionally but whether or not it will be appreciated has yet to be seen. The real question is "do I play it safe with my graduate thesis?"

Remember, that your graduate thesis is also your application to the facility to become an expert in your field and receive your graduate degree. Essentially, in your final thesis you should demonstrate what you have learnt in your entire academic career. Consider this; if you write your academic thesis out of order won't it look as if you do not know what you are doing?

It is easy to understand why you may want to do this, after all for years now you have been restricted to the same old essay format, however that doesn't mean that your last major writing assignment is a good time to through caution to the wind. What if you are not successful in your attempt to write a unique paper? What if your graduate thesis is not well received because you took the creative route? These are things you should keep in mind when determining how you intend to approach your graduate thesis writing structure. It is one of those occasions where it is a very good idea to "proceed with caution" after all; it is a major assignment and pivotal point in your student academic career.

Its time to sit down and think about your graduate thesis seriously, if you want to get a good grade and move forward maybe now is not the time to start playing around with writing formats. Get creative with smaller assignments first, but stick to the tried and true thesis style for major assignments.