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A Manual On Writing A Qualitative Thesis Introduction

A strong introduction is the USP of a thesis

Every year numerous thesis papers are submitted but few excel. If you don’t want your paper to get lost amidst the clutter, then prepare it in such a way that from the very first line- the readers get drawn to it. To achieve that, a strong introductory part is priceless for your thesis. Very few students get it right at the first attempt and are in need for a manual.

A guide to write strong qualitative thesis introduction

  • Begin with a startling statement
  • The first few lines of the introduction part have to be killing. If you are a student of social science, then a statistical data can be the beginner’s weapon of your paper’s introductory part. Suppose your are writing about the background of increasing rate of school drop-outs in the ethnic ghettos of USA. If you include a relevant percentage in the first line, it will surely fuel the curiosity of the reader. On the other hand, if you are student of literature, then you may begin your introductory part with a relevant quotation.

  • Give out what is the purpose
  • The purpose behind the writing of this paper has to be stated clearly in the introduction. Before penning down the actual words, ask yourself- ‘what am I trying to prove here?’ and ‘why?’. Once you find the answer, it will be easy to state the purpose of creating a paper around a specific topic. If you are going to discuss the relevancy of Marx’s ‘Communist Manifesto’ in today’s world, then relate it to any current social structure that reminded you the pertinence of that book. You have to convey that- through discussing Communist Manifesto, you want to solve glaring social and political structural problems.

  • Mention the methods
  • The methods of the investigative natures have to be referred in the introduction part. If you are from the social science stream, then the qualitative methods are mandatory. On the other hand, a paper based on pure science or economics , calls for quantitative method to be relied upon. Irrespective of the methodology you choose, mentioning it in the introduction establishes the authenticity of the paper.

  • Show the advancement of your paper
  • To achieve it, you need to write down introductory part once you have finished writing the paper. The introduction should include the road-chart. Many instructors demand their pupils to add in chapter-paragraph summary in the introduction part. If that this not the case with you, then at least cite the chapters one after another.