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A Quick Guide To Main Types Of Doctoral Theses

Doctoral thesis or dissertation is one of the most complicated assignments students complete during their educational life. They fear because their final degree depends upon this assignment. The failure to complete an effective thesis project may lead to the rejection. They would then need to start from scratch or ask for an extension from the official committee members.

Before you start attempting your paper, it is important to figure a few things.

First, you should know the subject properly and carry out research if you need to develop an understanding of the certain topic area. Remember that you need to choose a certain topic area for the dissertation rather than trying to cover the entire subject in your research.

Have a list of instructions from your teacher in order to create a winning paper. You need to follow the same format, style, subject, sources and other specifications that your instructor mentions for the paper.

Identify the type of the dissertation you will write. Usually academic thesis for doctorate has three major types

  1. Empirical type
  2. Non empirical type
  3. Narrative type

People also use the words scientific and case study to represent the type of the dissertation

Empirical style project

Empirical style dissertation and doctoral theses need collecting data. You need to find different forms of data including both primary and secondary. You need to determine whether you need qualitative data for your paper or quantitative.

You will need strong theory however, to support and explain your data

Non-empirical style project

If you like to carry out research and spend time in the library then a non-empirical such theses style is usually adopted for formulating theories and discussing them in detail. A good example will be sociology and its theories. Do not choose a non-empirical style paper if you are not good at research or find yourself carried away in the midst of your research. Choose this style if you are genuinely passionate about the subject and topic of your doctoral paper

Narrative style project

The most common types of thesis project are the empirical and non-empirical. However, you can write your doctoral theses in a less common third style. This style includes going to the laboratory and carrying out certain experimentations to conclude your data and result findings. You need to narrate the results and show the significance of each data in your own words