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Creating a PhD dissertation: don’t reinvent the wheel

Writing a PhD dissertation is a complex job and it needs complete dedication and attention. You may one hell of a writer and an excellent student but the dissertation writing process requires a specific approach and knowledge. You can go all innovative and come up with a completely new thesis style that has never been seen before. There are a few specifications you must follow and the set pattern of the format and style set by your university cannot be changed.

  • This paper is a critical one that will decide your future so you need to be
  • Very professional and write in an academic manner.
  • You must follow the specifications of the ALA or APA formats as required by your university
  • You must write on a topic that is unique and valid
  • You must provide a literature review of your topic. This means the background and history of all the published material about the topic till now
  • You must start with the list of content
  • You must have a definitive and brief introduction.
  • You must include a thesis statement in the introduction paragraph.
  • It is important to collect authenticated and valid primary and secondary data
  • You should be very careful in quoting references and citations and do them as it is compulsory in a dissertation
  • It is further more important to follow a formal tone and structure your thesis in an organized way.
  • The dissertation paper must be followed by a precise conclusion that encompasses your entire thesis. It is important for the conclusion to include the important point and highlight the findings you have made.

The dissertation writing process is a complex one and needs proper attention and dedication. It is very important for the student to realize the importance of this thesis and make sure that you take it seriously. Don’t go out of the way or try to bring out of the box ideas into your thesis and stay as formal as you can. You must make sure you follow the formats set universally for a dissertation paper. Be careful while quoting citations as students always tend to make mistakes in citing the work.

Make sure you proof read your dissertation paper before you submit it to the university committee who are responsible for approving your thesis. A very well-written paper can be rejected if it has numerous typos and silly grammatical errors.