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Why You Should Stay Away From Services Providing Free PhD Dissertations

If you are trying to write your dissertation for your PhD, you should stay away from services that offer free PhD dissertations and just do the work yourself. There are many reasons why you should abstain from this.

The first and foremost, perhaps the most important reason, is that submitting a dissertation that you did not write and claiming it as your own is plagiarism. And at this level it is not be tolerated. You're old enough at this point to know better and you will not be given a second chance. Every single academic institution around the world constitutes this as plagiarism and should you be caught submitting a free dissertation that you found from an Internet-based source or that someone else gave to you, you will be expelled and you will not receive your PhD. This is absolutely not a risk worth taking given how much you have invested in this process. It will end your academic career and expulsion for plagiarism will make it impossible for you to return to your academic institution and will make it incredibly difficult if not impossible for you to apply to another program at another academic institution.

Free dissertations run the risk of increased chances of being caught as well. The fact that something is free and easily downloaded by you means that it is easily downloaded by someone else. If it is already been submitted or can be easily found online, chances are your review committee will know that it exists. They will know the other students have submitted it and they will be able to quickly conduct an Internet-based research and find the free PhD service and copy that you presented as yours. This will lead to the after mentioned results. This is not what you want so you should stay far away from such service.

And any service in general that offers a free dissertation, especially at the PhD level, is more than likely fraudulent. Nobody in their right mind would complete the lengthy dissertation process and then submit it for free. There are many services that will charge you and that is much less fraudulent though still considered plagiarism, but a service that offers it for free more than likely did not adhere to any proper format or structure and the contents therein is more than likely poor quality.