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Selecting Great Dissertation Topics In General Medicine

  • Dissertation or thesis
  • A dissertation is a document submitted by students for an academic degree. It is also used for personal qualifications presenting the author’s research and findings. Academic research papers are mainly for postgraduate and undergraduate degree programs.

  • General medicine dissertations
  • Medical students will have to prepare dissertations and thesis for academic purposes in the final year of their study. General medicine is a vast area in the medical field. Plenty of topics are available in this field with great possibility. Students can select a topic according to their comfort and write it.

  • Criteria of selecting great topics
  • Selecting dissertation topics can be confusing. There will be plenty of topics available from different fields. Selecting a right topic which amuses you is very important. Here are some tips to select a good topic for your research paper.

    • General medicine is a vast topic. There are many subsections in this topic. Always remember to select a topic which you feel comfortable with.
    • The topic selected should be supporting the conditions of the workplace of the author.
    • The topic selected should enable the author to write with enthusiasm and insight.
    • The author should be able to offer a fresh perspective on his topic.

  • Planning the dissertation
  • Once you choose the topic for your research paper, you can start plan the process. First step is to find the information in the form of descriptions and justifications. The research methods you follow to find details should be effective as wrong ways may lead to false details. Always do your investigations with the guidance of your tutor. Make a mind map of what you are going to write in your writing.

  • Structure
  • The structure of your thesis should be as per the guidelines of the authorities. It should explain the purpose, methods, used and findings. The first part should be the introduction, where you introduce the research topic and the significance of the topic. The second part is literature review showing how this has been designed. The methodology chapter explains the research methods and finding chapter outlines the findings of the research. Analysis of the findings and conclusion part comes next.

    Once you finish your research paper writing, never forget to error check and proofread before submission. There will be many errors in your document, both minor and major ones which should be rectified. Always remember to include the references of your sources of information.