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Finding Quality Human Geography Dissertation Topics:

Definition of Human Geography:

Human geography is also known as cultural geography and is an area of study in which is very broad. Several different categories are involved in this topic, which can include but are not limited to Globalization, Westernization, cultural assimilation, colonialism, immigration and more. These categories can go even more in depth with the category such as modernization, islamization, Americanization and others. This form of geography was first traced back to Ptolemy or even Strabo and went from cultural geography to cultural landscapes. No matter what the topic is you can write both broadly and narrowly as possible, the writing part of the dissertation and even the research part of the dissertation is not what takes up the most time or is the hardest, the most complicated part of a dissertation tends to be actually choosing the topic itself.

Process of writing a Dissertation:

Once you have been able to pinpoint your discussion topic then it can take you little to no time at all to complete the research and decide what information you are going to use and what information you are not going to use for your paper. And after all of the research has been gone through and your paper is outlined and organized, you can start writing, and the more you have set up and planned out before you begin writing than the faster the actual writing portion of the dissertation will be and you will be able to edit as you go since you pre wrote it in your head and created an outline for the paper.

Appropriate Human Geography Dissertation Topics:

Possible research topics can include anything and everything from:

  • Urban poverty and homelessness
  • Development management and even therapeutic landscapes
  • Gravel and or tropical reef and beach research as well as more.

The headings and conclusions for a well-written human geography dissertation are endless and are forever changing and more are being added with each passing day. As long as you do enough research and include enough evidence throughout your paper to support your side of the topic than you should be fine. Papers such as a dissertation are meant to be long papers, but in order to get a good grade it is more focused on creating a good quality article versus just reaching a minimum word limit for an assignment. With writing a paper like research and editing makes perfect, however, simple things like all of the MLA papers and five paragraph papers we wrote in school were practice enough to get us on the right track in life for a dissertation paper!